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"Essentially, they want to be allowed to continue to accept money from the federal government..."

" The theme of the July 1 letter "[to POTUS from 70 voices of religious recepients of federal funds ] "is that while no one likes prejudice — "We agree that banning discrimination is a good thing,’ the authors state generously — there’s a time and place for everything. And this may not be the time and place to force religious organizations to accept LGBT equality, because it might make them very uncomfortable. And you don’t want to make charitable people uncomfortable…"

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A church dies each day the party line replaces loving welcome

Fear of change strengthens chains

"… t seems that churches and church-affiliated organizations have a difficult time offering extravagant welcome to those who stand outside of what is believed to be the sanctioned party line of their particular tribe. This week, I was dismayed to learn that my alma mater a Christian college had signed on to a letter supporting a religious exemption to the forthcoming federal regulations banning anti-gay discrimination. Now, this school is a theologically conservative place, but when I was a student there, I also saw it as a welcoming place and a place open to entertaining ideas and welcoming those who did not completely fit into the "conservative Christian college" mold. They were open to allowing students to think for themselves and make up their own minds. Times have changed and the boundaries have been drawn tighter. The welcome has become conditional polarization reigns. And this has not only happened in conservative circles."

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Strategies that don’t work


Hmm, as I think about this, it sounds to me like the poster may be willing  to rupture the economic system in such a way that the result could be overpowering fear, worldwide famine, mass unemployment, and riots.

So, er, no thanks.

(Destruction is not the beginning of creation. Well, at least not unless only the privileged get to survive.)

Still, I appreciate hearing other views.

(I learned that from my church)

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What’s missing in our movement is the understanding that if we are to radically transform social relations and the way we meet our needs as a society, we shouldn’t focus on mitigating the system’s terrible effects, but must rupture the economic cycle at its very core.


What’s most often missing in such ideas as RUPTURING THE CORE is a solid unshakeable basis of compassion, patience, and love—and without them, destruction comes sooner.  Oh, wait… is that the goal for these radicals? Utter destruction. Wow. World Wide Destruction: Funlessmentalism at its worst

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Religion is a door which opens both ways

Spoiler: ” even though therapists may maintain their personal positive or negative views on a particular religious tradition, they must not allow that bias to color their interactions with a patient.”


even though an individual may maintain a personal positive or negative view on a particular political tradition, one ought not allow that bias to color interactions with another person.

(Link via Simi Valley United Church of Christ)