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follow the rule of celibacy and you are no more than an ass.

zen monk, Ikkyu Sojun (1394-1481)

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more tidbits:

"Follow the rule of celibacy and you are no more than an ass.
Break it and you are only human.
The spirit of Zen is manifest in ways as countless as the sands of the Ganges.
Every newborn is a fruit of the conjugal bond.
For how many eons have the secret blossoms been budding and fading?

"With a young beauty, I am engrossed in fervent love-play;
We sit in the pavilion, a pleasure girl and this Zen monk.
I am enraptured by hugs and kisses
And certainly do not feel as if I am burning in hell.”


sex-loving monk, you object!
Hot-blooded and passionate, totally aroused.
But then lust can exhaust all passion,
Turning base metal into gold.

"The lotus flower
Is not stained by the mud;
This dewdrop form,
Alone, just as it is,
Manifests the real body of truth.

Why did Bodhidharma come from India to China?

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Once or twice in a lifetime
A man or woman may choose
A radical leaving, having heard
Lech lecha — Go forth.

God disturbs us toward our destiny
By hard events
And by freedom’s now urgent voice
Which explode and confirm who we are.

We don’t like leaving,
But God loves becoming.

It turns out this is a poem, called “Becoming,” by Rabbi Norman Hirsh 

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Sharon Janis gets up with Vedam Rudram

The page opens to a video of her singing this ancient hymn to Siva, with the celebratory offering to Ganesh, His Home Boy, followed by a solo audio track.

Way cool. 

Open-hearted buddings might well note her weave of various Pali threads via KUMUDA; here she goes Sanskrit for In-do’s.

And for those who grok Rudram: more comes, perfect side dish for those Monday and Thursday food-fasts.

Jai Siva Sai rudram 1 anuvaka rudram 2, anuvaka rudram 3 anuvaka rudram 4 anuvaka rudram 5, anuvaka rudram 6 anuvaka

and rudram 7 anuvaka rudram 8 anuvaka rudram 9 anuvaka rudram 10 anuvaka rudram 11 anuvaka Vedam finale

Dance Siva Dance In Our Hearts


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